My Mum's Ancient Family Bible

My Mum's Ancient Family Bible
Kept in the garage of all places for so many years, it's finally been put to good use.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mrs. Robinson (Genesis 39-40)

Genesis 39 returns to the whereabouts of Joseph. The Ismaelites take him down to Egypt where he's purchased by an Egyptian guy who makes him overseer of his house. The unfortunate thing is that the Egyptian guy's wife is hot for Joseph and a pretty persistent woman to boot. She keeps asking him to have sex with her and he keeps refusing her. One day she rips part of his clothing off and he runs away. This might be the first time a cougar makes an appearance in the Bible.

When she shows this piece of clothing to her husband she lies and says that Joseph tried to rape her. The Egyptian guy gets mad and throws Joseph in jail. Apparently, Joseph has some sort of inherent knack for organizing people because he jailkeeper puts Joseph in charge of the other prisons. If he lived today he'd probably a wedding planner.

While in jail, Joseph meets guys that, up until that point, worked for the Pharaoh: the chief butler and chief baker. The butler has this dream and gets Joseph to interpret it. I guess Joseph can do pretty much anything because "the Lord [is] with him" (Gen 39:1). Joseph interprets the dream to mean that the chief butler will be restored to his old office, which he is, but he fails to mention that the baker would also be hanged. I guess that wasn't noteworthy.

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